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How to Build A Sales Enablement Team

October 3, 2018


Is Sales Enablement a process, a technology, or a cross-department effort?   How soon can Sales Enablement turn from a philosophy to a reality for bottom line results?   To answer these questions our guest is Mike Kunkle. 

Mike is a highly-respected sales transformation architect and internationally-recognized sales training and sales enablement expert. He is the founder and sales transformation architect at Transforming Sales Results, LLC.

Some of the questions we'll be asking him in this episode are:

  • What do the most successful companies’ approach, structure and implement in a Sales Enablement Organization?
  • How do you start building a Sales Enablement Team?
  • Why is there such a ‘buzz’ around Sales Enablement Today?
  • How is it different than Sales Training?
  • How do I get from where I am in my sales enablement plant to success as fast as possible?

About our guest: Mike Kunkle:

Mike is founder and sales transformation architect for Transforming Sales Results, LLC. At TSR, Mike advises company leaders as they architect and implement a systems approach to sales. He writes, speaks, leads webinars, designs sales learning systems that get results, and guides clients through all aspects of their sales transformation.

Mike also freely shares many of his sales transformation methodologies, speaking at conferences, on his webinars, and writing online, and can be reached via email, on LinkedIn, or through his Services page at