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How Technology is Impacting Sales Enablement

October 15, 2018


We’re in the middle of a massive hype cycle when it comes to enablement technology. How can sales leaders make sense of today’s technology landscape? How can teams get focused on driving lasting sales productivity with the help of technology Brevet partner Brian Williams explores the issues and more with sales technology analyst Nancy Nardin.

Nancy Nardin is a nationally recognized thought leader on sales and marketing productivity tools. Her firm, Smart Selling Tools – of which she is the founder and President – is dedicated to helping marketers and sellers apply process and technology to drive revenue. With nearly 30 years of sales and marketing expertise, Nancy is a frequent speaker and writer on using technology to drive revenue. Before launching Smart Selling Tools in 2006, Nancy was a analyst as Gartner Group and IDC, working closely with many of Silicon Valley’s leading venture capital firms and the portfolio companies.