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Account Retention: Do Relationships still matter when retaining accounts?

July 30, 2018


We have Bill Hicks as a guest this episode. Bill is the Chief Relationship Officer for Ultimate Software. He is responsible for managing Ultimate’s ongoing relationships with 3700+ customers.  Previously, Bill served as Ultimate’s Chief Information Officer overseeing the company’s award-winning IT team. 

Some of what we are covering includes:

  • Do relationships matter as much as they did several years ago as they do today in account retention?
  • How do you enable your team to build these relationships?
  • What sales organizational structure do you use to maximize the value of these relationships?
  • What can an account manager do to build these valuable relationships inside current customers?
  • How important is an account coach or champion inside?

About Sales Enablement Radio

On Sales Enablement Radio we talk with CEOs and authors, Chief Sales Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Vice Presidents of Sales Enablement and Sales Operations, as well as salespeople about sales enablement.

We started Sales Enablement Radio because sales enablement is a contested, hot topic for companies struggling with the new reality of selling in the B2B space. Marketing and sales departments are confronted with pressure to work as a team, while using new software guided by artificial intelligence, while contending with prospects that demand more information with less personal contact before making a purchase. This program will bring clarity to a topic that seems to mean different things to marketing, sales, and C level managers.

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