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What Every Sales Leader Wants Sales Enablement to Know


Sales needs sales enablement; it’s an art and science relationship, with each balancing the other. The art of sales can get disorganized and off-track without the science and structure of sales enablement.

Listen as our guest John Krumheuer, Vice President of North American Sales at SmartDrive Systems, talks about how sales leaders and sales enablement can best partner to drive real growth at their company, including:

  • How sales enablement is becoming critical in today’s selling environment
  • How sales enablement can help with change management
  • The future of AI and sales

About Sales Enablement Radio

On Sales Enablement Radio we talk with CEOs and authors, Chief Sales Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Vice Presidents of Sales Enablement and Sales Operations, as well as salespeople about sales enablement.

We started Sales Enablement Radio because sales enablement is a contested, hot topic for companies struggling with the new reality of selling in the B2B space. Marketing and sales departments are confronted with pressure to work as a team, while using new software guided by artificial intelligence, while contending with prospects that demand more information with less personal contact before making a purchase. This program will bring clarity to a topic that seems to mean different things to marketing, sales, and C level managers.

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Crushing Your Quota using Situational Awareness


Our conversation is with Chris Day, inside sales leader at Bazaarvoice. We explore how to using situational awareness and pattern matching helps ramp new sellers faster and improves sales coaching and enablement. His team is crushing it, check it out!

Meet our guest, Chris Day:

"I am one of the old timers around the Bazaarvoice sales team now. I started as a cold caller in the bull-pen as an entry level market developer and after a few quarters of over achievement I began to expand into more sales roles and programs around the company. I have had a lot of success and I am still passionate in the mission we have to 'change the world one authentic conversation at a time'. "


Starting 2019 Strong Starts Now: Sales Enablement Planning & Budget Strategies


Brevet partners Brian Williams and Ralph Grimse discuss the importance for Sales Enablement functions to begin 2019 planning and the corresponding budget strategies required to ensure success. Brian and Ralph are joined by Membrain Founder and CEO, George Brontén to discuss sales enablement planning and how technology is relevant to the discussion.

About our Guest: George Brontén, Founder/CEO Membrain

A life-long entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in the software space and a passion for sales and marketing. With the life motto “Don’t settle for mainstream”, George is always looking for new ways to achieve improved business results using innovative software, skills and processes. In 2008, after realizing that the sales profession needs to evolve because of the Internet and global competition, George had a vision to increase b2b sales effectiveness using modern saas technology. Since then, George and his team have worked with thought leaders and studied research to identify the success factors behind successful sales organizations and build technology to help companies to consistently reach their targets.

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